He's been infatuated with his best friend's sister since the day they met. Too bad she was too wasted at that party to remember him...

When opposites attract, sacrifices can be too great. He's in love but she won't risk his dreams. Can they stay away? Or is temptation too strong? 


She saved the doctor's life. It’s only fair he helps her live hers...

When a hot firefighter asks agoraphobic Natalie out, she struggles to conquer her fears. Can grumpy Dr. Dean help? Or will feelings wreck everything? 

Nicholas R. Reeves: Gorgeous. Rich. Married to his job.

Farm girl struggling in the city. CEO married to his job. When they meet, will love follow? Or will differences tear them apart? 

Love is more than words...

When Paige moves in with her BFF, there's instant chemistry with her best friend's athletic brother. But as she fights for independence from a troubled family situation, is there room for love?



Raina Ash writes stories about healing love—stories that are emotional, funny, and uplifting. Expect complex, resilient women searching for love, passion that's off the charts, neurodiverse characters, and protective men you can’t help but crush on.