She only wanted a fleeting connection. But with him, nothing is as superficial as it seems…

Paige is trapped in an abusive family. To escape mentally, she obsesses about EDM and something she has yet to experience: a satisfying physical connection with a man. Her simple goal seems within reach when she finds an unexpected spark with her best friend’s brother...until he puts up firms walls between them.

Brody is a dedicated bachelor focused solely on his sister’s well-being. But when Paige suddenly moves in, she upends Brody's life and makes him question his entire stance on relationships. Their chemistry is undeniable. Yet, his sister made Paige off-limits, and one wrong move could send his sister’s fragile mental health spiraling.

As Paige is drawn to Brody’s caring nature and safe presence, her deep-seated trust issues and fear of her family cause serious anguish. And Brody already knows he’s fallen for Paige. But admitting his feelings would only hurt his sister and might be more than what Paige is looking for.

Keeping his distance is for the best. But letting her go means worrying about her very life…

An intense and uplifting own voices romance with characters you'll want to hug one after the other—perfect for fans of Aly Martinez.

Nonverbal is the first book in the Love Beyond Words series. If you enjoy protective cinnamon roll heroes, bubbly and compassionate neurodiverse heroines, and friendships that are ride or die, you'll fall in love with Brody, Paige, and Amber.

TW for strong language, abuse, ableism, and drug addiction.


“This book is chock-full of super rich and emotionally complex characters who you just want to hug one right after the other.”—Brittanica Bold’s Babblings

“Raina Ash has penned a heartfelt and delightful story full of lovable characters, realistic situations, and a passionate romance that feels inevitable from the moment Brody and Paige first lock eyes.”Goodreads review

“…the spice! It was so spicy. Also, Brody. Everyone needs a Brody in their life.”Goodreads review

“Paige, the neurodivergent female protagonist…is one of the best characters I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in a book so far this year. She’s incredibly endearing, kind, smart, honest, and funny (even when she’s not trying to be).”Goodreads review

“[Ash] paints her scenes vividly and had me glued to the pages from start to finish.”Goodreads review


Given Paige's love of EDM, most tracks are instrumental dance music. Enjoy the soundtrack how you like, but it can be listened to chronologically, starting with Chapter One :)


She thought staying sober was her biggest challenge. She never expected it would be her brother’s best friend...

Amber is fighting to rebuild her life. She's struggling with school, sobriety, and an unexpected attraction to the one man she should avoid at all costs—her brother's best friend. They’re complete opposites and completely wrong for each other, so his presence threatens to derail everything she’s working toward.

Miguel has always fallen hard and fast. And the secret spark that ignited for Amber six years ago has recently been stoked, creating a fire that could consume them both. As he grapples with family responsibilities and taking care of his mother, part of him knows he can’t afford the complications that falling for Amber could bring…but he struggles to tell that to his heart.

With his warmth beginning to chip away her defenses, Amber knows Miguel would offer her the world, but she's barely managing her own. And despite everything, Miguel is convinced they’re soulmates…until he realizes that being with Amber requires sacrificing a dream he’s fought for his entire life.

Their growing connection could lead to healing or devastation. Are they really willing to risk everything on a love that might prove impossible?

Outspoken is the second book in the Love Beyond Words series. This found family romance features a protective cinnamon roll hero (guy falls first) and a resilient takes-no-BS heroine who is his complete opposite.

Expect plenty of slow burn angst, soulmate kisses, lovable family members, romance under the stars, and an emotionally complex story that will linger in your heart for days.

CW for strong language, drug use/addiction, and discussions about suicidal ideation.  


To keep with the theme of Nonverbal's soundtrack, most songs have elements of EDM, but no instrumentals. Amber is very reflective, so several tracks reference her mental state throughout the book. Other songs speak to Miguel's upbeat attitude, with a few Latin melodies. Meant to be listened to chronologically.