She only wanted an escape from her messy life. But the man she’s stranded with keeps forcing her to face it.

Grace yearns for solace. The past year of her life has been scarred by burnout, a failed relationship, and the loss of her mother. Booking a two-week vacation at a secluded mansion to escape the burning rubble of her life seemed like the only way she'd be able to breathe again. But her hopes of tranquility are shattered when a freak storm traps her with a mysterious billionaire, dredging up traumatic memories she thought were long buried.

Brent only wants to make up for past mistakes. He isn't prepared for the way Grace's caring nature and adorable clumsiness awaken his heart after years of hibernation. But with an ex-wife determined to keep him from his daughter and a pile of regrets from a failed marriage, can he really dive into something new without it blowing up?

Grace is stuck on the fact that Brent is an older man, their age gap and her trust issues clouding her deepening attraction. And though Brent is caught in Grace’s gravitational pull, his insecurities and a bitter custody battle might be all it takes to tear them apart.

Can their unexpected bond survive while shadows of the past linger?