She left safety to save the doctor’s life. Now his feelings for her might ruin them both.

Natalie is done with the outside world. After enduring a series of personal tragedies and battling her crippling anxiety and OCD, she’s resigned herself to her small, safe apartment and the company of her cat. But when she starts suffering from terrifying daily panic attacks, she begins to reconsider her life choices and self-imposed confinement.

Dean is drowning in alcohol and sorrow. Happily racing toward death, the former pediatric surgeon passes out in the snow one night…only to be rescued by an erratic yet sunshiny agoraphobe. And as they spend time together, her quirky personality and kind heart threaten to reopen emotional wounds and send the disgraced physician tumbling down another pit of despair.

As Natalie fights to conquer her fears, she’s caught between her feelings for the emotionally distant Dean and a new firefighter suitor who actually wants a relationship. And Dean is falling hard for the always-upbeat Natalie, but he fears his troubled past and present addictions will only destroy her.

Love & Panic is a heartfelt, inspiring romance with delicious heat and a touch of humor—perfect for fans of Colleen Hoover, Lucy Score, and Aly Martinez.

Expect playful banter, snowball fights, and so many feels you'll wonder how this book contains them all.

This is an Own Voices book featuring a neurodiverse main character. TW for strong language, family loss, and alcohol abuse.


"I fell instantly in love with the characters in this beautifully written tale. Love & Panic is full of warmth, grit and humour, without shying away from the tough stuff. My favourite love story of the year!" Jessica Ryn, author of The Extraordinary Hope of Dawn Brightside

"This book seriously wrecked me. I cried from start to finish. Definitely a must read!" —Michelle C, author

"Raina is a queen of neurodiverse romances! She is a [expletive] treasure and we need to keep her writing." Brittanica Bold's Babblings

"This book will leave me in my feels for a very long time. It has so much meaning and is a wonderful journey through grief, pain, mental health struggles, and eventually acceptance, healing, and love." —Chelle D, reader


A short song list that captures a few different emotional states in the book. And, of course, Tennessee Whiskey, had to be on the soundtrack!