Getting snowed in for the holidays turns into a chance for romance. But is he too shy to share his feelings?

Julie is stuck for Christmas. Flights are booked, and her friend, Ann, is out of town. Lonely and bored, she decides to say hi to her neighbor, the one who is cute but also guarded. It starts off innocent, until she realizes she’s starting to like him.

Myles has a secret crush on Julie, but he’s never been able to tell her. When she invites him over for Christmas dinner, he doesn’t want to mess things up. Of course, things get awkward.

Will Myles turn out to be who Julie needed to relieve her holiday blues? Or will feelings remain unsaid?

Her Cute Neighbor is from the Winter Nights at West 15th Street series. It’s a short steamy romance (around 8,000 words) with cute crushes and that shy awkward guy who leaves you breathless from an unexpected night of passion.

This is an Own Voices book.