When kind-hearted Stacy falls for billionaire CEO Nic Reeves, her life is no longer average. But what happens when you get the man, only to lose him to his job?

Stacy is just your average farm girl trying to make ends meet in the big city. But when she crosses paths with the handsome billionaire Nic Reeves, everything changes. She suddenly finds herself in the middle of a passionate love affair, a ruthless feud with a jealous coworker, and an unexpected scandal that threatens to tear everything apart.

It certainly doesn’t help that Nic is a workaholic with a complicated past and an allergy to those three little words…

Actually, that just takes the cake.

All Stacy has ever wanted is a simple, blissful life with the man of her dreams and—hopefully—a house full of rowdy kids. But what if the man of her dreams is dreaming of something else?

She loves Nic more than anything, and he loves showering her in luxuries, but can he really give her the simple family life she craves? Or will work always be the priority?

She may have found her Prince Charming, but the rest of this fairytale doesn’t seem right…

Dating Mr. Reeves is a binge-worthy romance told in three parts. If you enjoy billionaire luxuries, kisses under the mistletoe, and heartfelt happy endings, you’ll love this smoldering holiday romance.


“It was easy to root for these characters and impossible not to have a crush on Nic. Fast-paced and exciting from start to finish!”—Goodreads review

“Cute read with a very sweet ending and a feel-good vibe that insta-love fans will thoroughly enjoy.”—Goodreads review

“This is a wonderful story about taking a chance and being rewarded with true love.”—Goodreads review